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Adult Education Centre of Järvilakeus is an educational institute controlled by the Finnish law of non-formal education. The institute has been established in 1966. They provide education in the fields of culture (music, literature, theatre, arts, crafts etc.) and languages, gymnastics, IT-skills etc. The values that guide the education are voluntary, self-development and the principle of life-long learning. They co-operate with different educational institutes, different branches of municipal administration as well as with various associations and voluntary organizations to provide allocated education services to people in their area. Courses are mainly for adults, but there are also courses for children and youth. The courses are held in different places in the area of Kauhava, Evijärvi and Lappajarvi.

An important field of their work is co-operation with different theatre and music groups: for example there are 7-8 amateur theatre groups in the area, which produce theatre presentations throughout the year and which get a professional director from Centre of Järvilakeus.


EPRALIMA was incorporated by a public deed on 1999, and it is a Private and Cooperative School, which focuses on vocational education, while offering Youth Education and Training Courses, Adult Education and Training Courses, and Specialized Technology Level V Courses. EPRALIMA is composed of following departments: SPOVIVA (Psychology, Vocational Guidance and Active Life Insertion), SHST (Health and Safety at Work), DAMGT (Documentation, Service, General Maintenance and Transportation), Quality Management, PPDA (Prospective Planning, Development and Evaluation), Training System Apprenticeship, Accounting Service, SICM (System Information, Communication and Marketing) and the Office of Human Resources.

EPRALIMA has based its development strategy on preparing youths and adults for the exercise of qualified professions, by developing mechanisms that create closer ties between schools and economic institutions, as well as professional and cultural associations of the social tissue in the name of achieving an integrated human and entrepreneurial qualified training projects which meet the integrated developmental needs at the regional and local levels.

Museums and Galleries of Konavle

Museums and Galleries of Konavle (MIGK) is a cultural institution founded by the Municipality of Konavle in 1997. Its main interest is based on cultural heritage of Konavle region. MIGK operates in three museum locations, administrative office in Gruda and maintain archaeological sites of Konavle region. House Bukovac in Cavtat (native house and museum of famous Croatian painter) treasures Bukovac’s art works and archives of Bukovac family. Konavle County Museum in Čilipi preserves ethnographic collections of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. While the Department of Archaeology in Pridvorje interprets the archaeological and historical issues of Konavle region.

Other than regular employees (15) MIGK forms a rich partnership with local community through various educational programs and seminars concerning tradition and traditional way of life. The mission of MIGK is to preserve, protect, present and interpret the local identity, history and culture of Konavle in wider context of cultural heritage for the benefit of the general public, for the education of all groups of society and for the sustainable use of cultural heritage.